Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it too much to ask that a 6 year old ORGANIZE MY LIFE?

I HATE when a morning starts like this:
"oh, i have a homework paper due today..."
REALLY?  Cause you're hard to wake up, I took your dog out and got your breakfast, and picked out your outfit, and have to get ready myself so we can walk to the bus stop without me in flannel gingerbread girl PJ's!!!
So I do a little yelling and she moved like a snail.  I ask where her glasses are, she has NO idea- so I hunt all over the entire house then ask if she left then in my car.  She heads out to look and when she opens the door, her dog TEARS out of the house because there are cats he has a need to dominate roaming the yard (we live out in the country).  The Mister was trying to be nice and open my side of the garage door  but when you have a sneaky dog desperately looking for a way out, you've got to be on lock-down!!  The glasses...Yep, in the car and covered in 1st grade slime, fingerprints, and Lord knows what else.  I clean them, yell some more about being organized (who do I think I am to yell about organization??  I'm the MOM, I get to) and wash her face, which is child abuse according to darling daughter- have I mentioned she's a bit dramatic?!
We finally get out the door and I tell her because i didn't have time to pack her lunch I want her to buy "Healthy Choice" which results in her saying/whining "but i want the chicken patty..."  I remind her not even McDonald's wants that chicken they're going to serve her at school and she's to get the HEALTHY CHOICE... 
Then I notice.... she's NOT WEARING HER GLASSES...
Oh well, I'm not going to freak out ! How you Mom's with more than 1 do this is beyond me, but than again I can't stick to the plan of getting everything laid out the night before.
I'm exhausted just typing this out, it's like I had to live it twice...

GOOD NEWS: granite is in

and the Mister will be working on my counter-tops SOON!
and because I'm being totally random...
Anyone been to Cozumel?
 Progreso Mexico?
(anyone that made it home alive from Mexico that is...)
I seen I can have my teeth taken care of in Progreso!  Don't be shocked when I come home with a gold tooth!
    Anything that's a must see, must do?
Let's discuss.... I'll tell you why later, I'm too tired right now.


Kim said...

oh that granite- swoon! I only have to take care of and pick up after my hubby and me and I wonder how women with even 1 child do it all! Do you think they would let you design your own tooth? Now that would be pretty cool! have a great day!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I feel for you with the frustration of having a child who likes to take their time! Or procrastinates with homework. Hang in there! And the granite is gorgeous.

Angela said...

DO NOT GET OFF THE SHIP IN PROGRESSO!! Ok, you can get off to go look at the little dive gift shop and stretch your legs but DO NOT get on that rickity bus and go into "town"

OMG!! You WILL be harassed! You will hear: "Hey Lady" about a gazillion times! The people there will not leave you alone! Do you want to buy candy, a massage, jewelry, a hat, get your hair braided, ride the banana boat???

But, when you get to Cozumel, if you are not into shopping, go to the National Park (can't remember the name...don't try to walk there- get a cab) It is beautiful and has a private beach where you will not be harassed. We went SCUBA diving! It was the best!!

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