Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot and Dangerous DIY!

So my last DIY was a total flop... 
I think you're suppose to under promise and over deliver and I did the opposite with my DIY paper mache Easter eggs... let's not talk about it, ok?!
I thought being so unorganized I'd better just do the craft, take the pictures and THEN post rather than promising I'll do something which I'll never follow through on... you know some of us artsy types!
We're leaving on a cruise next week... to Mexico.  I'm a little nervous about Mexico (hey, I watch all those Dateline, 20/20 shows) and a LOT nervous about flying... I'm not a big fan!  Thanks to one little xanex pill I can get on a plane and once I'm off I really don't have much memory of the flight.  We went to Maui last year and had a stop over in Chicago. My friend mentioned something about stopping in Chicago, I said "we did?"
My DIY has nothing to do with this, so let's move on...
Well, it does have to do with the cruise because I bought a new swim suit.  The Mister said "Oh you needed another one?" and I said "nope", cause with bathing suits it's not about "NEED"-don't ask how many I have...
I found this top at TARGET:
and this bottom

 they didn't REALLY go together
but I had a plan!
So, in this case I picked out the turquoise stones that match the tie on the bottoms.
To bling out your own outfit:
You need a heat setting tool (I got mine on ebay!), and heat set / flatback rhinestones.  If you're going to heat set them you MUST have the type that have a heat set glue on the back or it's not gonna work!
**CAUTION, This is HOT**
***this is NOT a kid-friendly, or accident prone mom craft!***
Of course me being me, I started with the hardest project (because when I mentioned rhinestones Darling Daughter wanted some on her skirt!)...
1. You need to pick the right size tip for the heat tool.  Mine comes with a variety of tip sizes and to figure out what size you need- set the tool (BEFORE it's plugged in) on the rhinestone, it should fit just perfectly in the tip.
2. this thing is STINKIN HOT, so make sure you're working on a heat safe surface!!
3. Turn the stones UP so you can see the color, NOT the glued side.  You just set the tool on top of the rhinestone and watch the bottom of your stone-wait just a few seconds for the glue to melt- You'll see it bubble up.
Once the glue is melted you just set it down quickly on the spot you want the stone, and lift up and away quickly!
Now, I will say this is NOT something you want to try on an outfit you can't afford to ruin... just sayin!  Make sure the fabric can take the heat too!  I was a little worried about the swimsuit, but it didn't melt thankfully!
As soon as you set that stone down, you have about 1 second to nudge it a bit if you need to move it over a tiny...TINY bit!  Remember: there's glue on the back so you don't want to push it too much or you'll smear the glue and there won't be as much glue on the rhinestone!  I guess what I'm saying is: make sure you set it on the spot where you want it!!
...and you might want to lay it out before you start, just to make sure you like the placement and to make sure you have enough of that color... because some of us idiots never think of that till we stick down the LAST one...
Hey everybody look at my left star boob!!!
Guess who's running to JoAnne's this morning to see if they have more turquoise rhinestones...??
Then I did Darlings skirt, which was much easier because I wasn't following a line and trying to be all straight and even...
above... cute but needing something!
just a little bling...
I might add a few more to hers (and def. to mine) because can you ever have TOO many rhinestones???
Well... actually, yes you can!  Go to Senior Bingo Night and see for yourself!
One other small tip: IF you're working on a small area (like a bikini top) that won't lay flat, I found it easier to put that area on the top of a small jar:
The lid should be about the size of the area you're working on.
I did these on Thursday and when I showed Darling she said AWESOME!  Now.... coming from her this about knocked me over!  To think I got an "AWESOME" out of her is... well, AWESOME!
So if you're brave enough to give this hot and dangerous DIY yourself, let me know!!
Just think how much your husband would like your initials in rhinestones on his underwear!!??

I'm exhausted, I did wedding flowers with my pal "C" last night- she lured me with $-GREEN-$.  More on that later, I've got to go find rhinestones!
Have a fabulous Weekend, I think we're doing countertops... Well, the Mister is, I'll be busy sneaking rhinestones onto EVERYTHING!


Funny in My Mind said...

You are so crafty!
I took some of my sister Mel's Xanax when we went to NYC and flew just fine. We read People and US Weekly and chatted the whole time and I remember it but not the takeoff or the landing.
I would be more afraid of Mexico if the kids were going, you should be fine.
If someone tries to kidnap you for sex slavery, kick them in the nuts!

Kim said...

WOW! I hope you find more rhinestones- it's going to look flippin fantastic! Have a safe and fun trip!!

C. said...

Loving the suit, can you make one for me?

Melanie said...

First of all, I hate that you can wear a bikini. You tiny people make me sad.

Second, that is so cute. I totally lack the crafty gene, but always like what other people do. I wanna see the finished product on you on a cruise. Have fun!

Melanie said...

I just realized that my last sentence sounded a bit like sexual harassment, especially if you take the right voice tone as you say it. I just meant that it would give me the full idea, not that I want to get gay with you. We've only just met, really.

Rachel said...

hi chinamommy, stumbled across your blog, and love it. I think that your sun top is gonna look fab, hopefully you will be able to find a match for your rhinestones.
have a great weekend.
Rachel xx

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