Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poop, pottery, and a great bed...

i can't stay long, darling daughter is home, the dog needs to poop and I've got to get my lower lever cleaned up!
Yesterday the day started with the dog pooping in the garage, have I told you how much this puppy bugs me?  Well, he does!  Hey, I'm not cleaning it up, darling is the one that wanted him for her birthday!  He's a Yorkie so it's not like buffalo poop!
I took a movie on my camera of the whole poo-situation, but she begged me not to post it... I know you're sad, aren't you?
Then we headed to the pottery place.  She was so cute she kept saying "Mom if you want to take a picture while I'm not looking and I'm just concentrating, you can".
this is the giant cappuccino cup she's painting for her favorite person in the world:
She painted the inside brown so it would look like coffee, she was pretty proud of herself for being so hilarious- she cracked herself right up!
She also painted a food dish for her dog.  They called it a condiment bowl... whatever, he's small!  The only other pet dish was just right for a Saint Bernard, our dog could have taken a bath in it!

and then we saw this on the way home:
have you ever bought a mattress off of a phone pole? 
I just never would... but that's me.  I left the phone # visible in case you're interested!
Ok, it's too quiet in this house, something must be up and it better not be dog poop!


LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG I would NEVER purchase a used mattress.....eeeeeeek! You don't know what kind of critters (microscopic or not) could be in it. Yup, I have watched waaaaaay too many episodes of 48 hours. I'm just sayin :)

We have 5 dogs, two of which are tiny ones and they only leave their "tootsies" outside....that is hilarious that yours did it in the garage! Tell Darling pick up it with some toilet paper or a paper towel, that way YOU don't get stuck with washing the poop off the gloves!

You crack me up...big time!


Kim said...

It's a good lesson in responsibility for her to pick up after the dog- she looks so dang cute in those gloves though! OMG- the pottery painting place looks like so much fun- I can't wait to see the dog dish!

monique said...

you know what's weird...I've seen two of those signs around South Bend this week, handwritten but on florescent paper.

I smell scam.

Angela said...

No, but I will confess to buying the floor model mattress!! (I know a million people probably were on it first) but it was a memory foam mattress for 600 bucks and my back was killing me (did you read my new mattress entry a few months back?) and we took it...and it is SO comfortable and I have not been itchy at all ;) (It did have that protective cover over it while at the store at least...)

♥zoe♥ said...

Mu man been asking me whether i want a dog as pet, but i already have bunny in the house! Admit It's so much work and responsibility... forget it one pet is more than enough:)
She really smart when she said that to you on only take her pics when she's
Love you cutie!

♥zoe♥ said...

Buahahaha...i wanted so much to sell my old mattress!!!!!

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