Monday, April 12, 2010

Huge and breaking news....

For the love of all that is holy, I wish they would SHUT UP about this road they are fixing in my city.  You would think that they were removing all roads in Michigan and replacing them with broken glass and making people walk bare foot to work.
It's all the news has been about.
~New routes to take
~Police at the corners watching for trouble
~bagel shops getting more traffic because the cars are being routed their way
~local news people standing on the corners showing the traffic backed up
~reviewing the new routes
~posting the new routes on their websites
~reminding everyone it starts today
~giving it cute catch phrases
I guess I better see if there's a new episode of Jersey Shore
IF you don't know of "The Fix on I-96", Jersey Shore, or Jerseylicous...
Consider yourself LUCKY!!!
I'm going to go check out Zappo's
I've been hearing a lot about this place (thanks: in my mind, it's always funny!!)
and do you know I just typed in my shoe size and 13,123 pairs came up!
I'm a size 5 and it stinks... even Target ditched their 5's for 5 1/2's.  I still HEART Target and I'll forgive them, but still.... why so much hate for those of us with bound feet?
AND, why do they put the smallest sizes on the TOP shelf?  How many lucky girls that are 5'7" and taller are wearing a size 5 shoe?  "Undercover Boss" needs to head to Target and get the tiny shoes off the top shelf!
OH crap, here comes another FIX ON I-96 update....
Happy Monday!  Darling Daughter started back to school today, so my break started at 8:13 this morning!!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Bwahaha! This post made me laugh out loud. You are funnnnny! You'll love Zappos. They have some super cute Puma's that I'm coveting. Sorry about your road rage. ;-) Hope it's a quick fix.

C. said...

Just hangin' out on your blog listening to "Tiny Dancer"... think I'll have to go steal, I mean purchase legally, that cd!

Kugo said...

I heart Zappo's. They have so many shoes and they are fast fast fast. Not only that but their returns are so simple and free! It's just doesn't get better than that. Shoes are my medicine.


Kugo said...

I just read C's comment and I was singing Tiny Dancer all weekend, couldn't get it out of my head. How odd.


Angela said...

It sound like a sleepy town. We have that here too! They will report over and over and over about something so stupid.

I really hate the names The Weather Channel uses for storms or weather events!

chinamommy said...

Angela-it's actually a real CITY... i have no idea why they are obsessed with this road- maybe because we're excited that Michigan is finally getting a road fixed?! Our potholes our like the grand canyon, I'd love if they'd fix those!

chinamommy said...

thanks for all the zappo info!! they WILL know my name!!

Funny in My Mind said...

I am so glad Zappos makes you as happy as me!
I should get a stipend for plugging them!!

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