Friday, April 9, 2010

Lovely Lavender!!

Hey Gals!
I'm scrapbooking with friends today so I'm going to leave you with some really pretty lavender images!
Purple was my favorite colors for YEARS, I shared that love with my Grandma on my Dad's side.  A sweet ol' Southern lady from Tennessee who passed away just a few years ago.  She ALWAYS said "come on over here and give Grandma sugar".... I miss her!
One time her sister came to visit her in Indiana and she had this super thick southern accent us kids found a bit hard to understand but she made this one comment that will stick with us forever:
"Juanita, give that dog a weiner"
Yep, greater words of wisdom were never spoken! hahahaha!
Honestly, my brother and I say this often, I guess she was telling her sister to give some dog part of a hot dog... of course, being the weirdo's we are, this is all we remember from her visit!
So what does this have to do with lavender you ask?  Why NOTHING, my friend, nothing at all!
Moving on...

are these roses to DIE FOR?  As a florist for many years, the rose is not my favorite, but these??!!! 

all images above are from:
The following are from:

(this one sold, but I can do special orders on the cupcakes!)
Have a great day and a relaxing weekend!!


Kugo said...

Pretty pictures, especially the one of your daughter. :-)

Kim said...

gorgeous pictures--love, love, love the cupcake and the little house! Hope you have a fun and creative day scrapbooking with your friends!

Kjirsten said...

Purple is my fav color too!! Purple is the BEST! When I was in sixth grade I panted my room a grape jelly color!!! I loved it!! Oh and I love your randomness...:) I love all of your crafts as well!!! Have a fab Friday!

Angela said...

LOL!! Give that dog a weiner!

Emerald said...

I loveeee purple and I love your pictures :) very pretttyy

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