Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Stuff Tuesday!

1. Well, 1st off I'm happy to report that "THE FIX ON I-96" is Environmentally Friendly!!
Whewww, I did not know- Now I do!

2. I woke up to these words:
"Women can increase their breast size..."
I have NO idea what was going on, but since it was the obnoxious morning guys, I didn't linger to hear the rest... maybe I should have?!
But good thing #2 is free undies and $10 off bras at Victoria's secret!
I've had 2 of these coupons within a couple of weeks.  Underwear that is usually $8.50/pair for FREE!!

3. Natalie Merchant on GMA!
I love, love, love Natalie Merchant and her music- I'm sure I would even enjoy her singing the Meow Mix commercial!  I'm not a big music person, which I know is weird to a lot of people, but it's like annoying noise to me most of the time- I sometimes wonder if I just don't HEAR what music lovers hear?... I saw Natalie M. at Lillith Fair years ago and besides Paul McCartney, she's the only other singer I've seen that I like just as much live as on a CD!
She has a new CD- "Leave Your Sleep" and I'm going to go grab it TODAY!

4. Buttercream?!  Hello!!??
Ok, so I did sip it straight from the bottle... but ONLY once... I could barely stop!!

5. I broke down and bought one... it's ugly, but i love how it works!
I've got to get the Mister to put another hook on the back of the shower so I can hang it there and get my rack put back up.  My 374 shower products are sitting on the floor and the shelves and that just won't do!
We have a glass door that I was wiping down with CLR all the time... the fumes killed me (mild asthma nerd here!) and this is just as easy as pushing a button and getting out of the way!

6. Lava Lamp!

I'm sure Dr. Freud would have something to say about this, but I ❤ it!
My Great Aunt Mable had a red one when I was a kid- I'm pretty sure it was a Christmas gift from us.  Every time we went to her house the 1st thing we would do was turn it on.  When she passed away it was the 1 thing I REALLY wanted, but apparently it didn't work and they threw it out... I would have taken it whether it worked or not...☹

Thanks for all the comments everyone, Zappos will soon know where i live!!

8. My old favorite mixed animal was the Liger- which is a mix of a lion and a tiger!
My new favorite is a:
or is it a
8 good things that's enough!  I have 2 more, but it's taking too long to load and I actually have stuff to do... Get this, I decide to take a break from my etsy shops and suddenly I have 2 sales and a special order!!
Papercutsarecute is making a comeback (apparently?!)
Have a great day!!
and feel free to vote for me... No, seriously, I don't mind!!
I'm clear back on page 76... talk about taking a while to find it- geesh!


Melanie said...

Okay, I love Natalie too. She used to gently sway me in a loving direction, and although I haven't put her CDs on in years, I wondered why I was hearing her music so much lately. The new CD explains that. It's funny you say she could sing about Meow Mix because Big has been totally into the cats meowing a song lately and asks me to sing it frequently. Weird coincidence.

Next, it's elemation. Definitely.

Finally, congrats! If you set something free, if it's meant to be, it will get you new orders and make you some cash on Etsy.

Funny in My Mind said...

who are those blue sneakers by? Love them!

Angela said...

Natalie Merchant finally has a new CD?? I am too excited.

Papercuts making a comeback? -heck yeah!

I am going to have to check Zappos now too- too cute!

now get busy on making that million!!

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