Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I'm too busy to post much today...

Still on Spring Break here...
Which means:
❤an inability to get dressed before noon (oh, wait I have that trouble even when it's not spring break!)
❤cake as a mid-morning snack
❤cotton candy for bedtime snacks

(cotton candy comes in plastic bags now, Darling wants it in a paper cone like she's seen in some movie, so I taped a piece of paper together, threw in some cotton candy and look who is happy as a clam?)
❤Girl/Dog fights
❤bad outfits and cross-dressing dogs
❤taking the contents of Darlings piggy-bank to the bank
Ok, she won't quit making requests of me while I type, so I'm outta here for today!  I have a couple of friends coming tomorrow to scrapbook so I have to go get something for us to eat, and get pictures printed at Walgreens.  I also have to run to the bank, pick up my contacts and I know there's something else I have to do, but I just can't remember it right now... Hope I didn't have to pick anyone up at the airport!
Have a great day!!


Melanie said...

DD is so cute! I love her and the dog together.

Will you ask DD if I can get a loan? I need some summer clothes?

Angela said...

It really looks like you guys are having fun!! I love that she wanted her cotton candy in a paper cone! She is really adorable!

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