Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Fix on I-96 goes on and the people of GR are SICK OF IT!  Not so much the construction, but the stupid news people that won't shut the ___ up about it!!
The latest: People near the construction site can't sleep at night due to them destroying a huge concrete overpass and road!  Really??
Does this shock anyone that people living near the site can't sleep?
Thanks local news for enlightening us!

I had to have blood drawn today and pee in a cup.
NO, I AM NOT pregnant- never wanted to be, never will be!!  
Darling daughter says to me "i wish so bad you would have a baby in your tummy.  Wouldn't that be funny?"
No, No it wouldn't!!  Most of you know, but I adopted by CHOICE!  People coming out of my vagina freaks me out!
Oh yeah... blood...
The mister decided he wanted some huge life insurance policy on me... should I be scared?  I've watched COLD CASE, I know how that works...
I'm not afraid of needles, I got allergy shots for 13 years.  Giving blood?  Not my favorite thing to do because I have arms the size of pencils.
"Oh, NO PROBLEM..." that's what they all say, but I, I KNOW BETTER!
She started with my left arm and said "oh, I better try the other arm (as the needle is IN my arm) I don't want to hit the tendon".  YUCK!  I am soooooooooooooo not into medical stuff, sure i wanted to MARRY a Dr., but that's as close as I wanted to blood and guts!
Ok, I'm listing this on ebay.
It's a BRAND NEW Hello Kitty Cricut cartridge.
I had 2... I never opened this one.
IF you're interested in bidding, my ebay name is:
I was waiting to go get darling daughter when I chose it.  My friend told me it sounds like a porno name.. GREAT!
Ok, it's 12:30 and I've done nothing... of course, my arms are sore- that's my excuse for today!
Happy Wednesday!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I was howling reading about people coming out of your privates!!!! OMG, you need your own comedy show, period.


considerthelillies said...

funny blog! and thanks for the "jerseylicious" support!

Melanie said...

I hate giving blood for any reason, but it seems someone always wants it. The ebay name does sound a bit like porn, especially if you are a sicko. And I am.
Don't even try to one-up me on the construction issues! They are currently digging my yard up for the third or fourth time! And they have dug up the street all the way down. I literally have to ask permission and have four trucks and 18 workers move, just so I can get to my driveway.
Oh, and sorry I didn't get the bling for you, but I will soon. I hope.

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