Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naked Plates!

It's kinda rainy here today... 
Darling is on spring break and we're doing a stay-cation, so today we're off to a naked plate place where you paint your own pottery.  

all images found here:
Have you ever been to one of those places?
I went a few years ago and loved it!!
Darling wants to paint a bowl for her dogs food.  Right now he has a plastic bowl that he chews up and drags around the house when it's empty... He's annoying like that!
So this weird mom:
(don't worry, I don't need eye surgery, I just can't take a serious picture to save my life...)
and this pirate girl:
are gonna hang out today!
Thanks for all the compliments on the kitchen yesterday!  It's so weird to walk into it in the morning and think I'm in the wrong house!  I got some really pretty stuff at Hobby Lobby yesterday and ordered the granite, so more pictures coming in the next couple of weeks!
AND, to REALLY brighten up your day....
You can vote for my blog DAILY!!  There actually is a cash prize... NO LIE!  So if you'd vote and ask 9,000 of your closest friends to join in I'd sure be thrilled!!
Just click on this link and look for "chinamommy", hit the thumbs UP to vote, easy peasy!

1 comment:

Angela said...

She is SO cute! I can't wait to see more kitchen pics and the pottery!

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