Monday, April 5, 2010

My New /Old Kitchen!!

This WAS my kitchen at 8:23 1/2 am on Saturday...
I'm not a big fan.  I don't like oak and how 'bout those purple counter tops?
It's soooooooooooo 1998!
Don't worry the Mister didn't pick it out, he bought it from the 1st owners who, obviously, were graduates of one of those interior design schools you find in the back of a magazine.
Ewwww, I hate this!
oak, purple tops, red plates, white appliances, light turquoise curtains, dark green walls.
I think they call this:
got it goin' ON!

This is the only picture I have of the Island.  Weird how I didn't take more pictures of it, hun? :)
So last summer, this "choosey Mom",  got a bug up her butt and painted the island BLACK:
Saturday I distressed it... I think it looks SO much better
This picture does NOT do it justice, trust me, it looks REALLY good!
So, being the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal that I am I just wanted to crack open the paint and start slappin it on, but (lucky for me) the Mister is a real stickler for doing it the "right" way. He took all the pulls off, then removed all the doors and took them to the garage where he had saw horses set up (yee-hawww)
There he is giving me the look...
We painted the top cabinets a color by Behr called: Dragonfly.
Do I have a red and turquoise thing or what?
Red car-Turquoise cabinets!
It looks a little more light blue in these pictures, it's more turquoise actually.

(Red dishes-Turquoise cabinets!)
Obviously, I couldn't go with the clear glass cabinets... I did clean out a few things after seeing
all the crap I have stuffed in these!
10:07 am...

Looking BETTER!
almost 1:30 in the afternoon... we'd been at it all morning!
With the black bottom doors put on too!
The red kettle is from my Aunt Mable who lived to be 99 or 100- no one knew for sure!  She was the sweetest lady to walk the earth and I think everyone should have an Aunt Mable!! (and a giant bottle of Up and Up hand sanitizer!!)
By the time I took these pictures, it was getting later, so I really had to blow out the color so you could see them... my pic's were SO dark.
and of course when we got it all done we knew we HAD to do something with the counters!
We had talked about granite, but I didn't really want to make that kind of investment and put it on old cabinets and we weren't sure if we really wanted to take the leap and put in a BIG $$ kitchen.  After painting the cabinets I told the Mister that I loved them so much I'd just as soon spend some $ on stainless appliances and new counter tops, to which he replied "does it ever end?  You wanting something else?!" that would be a big ol "NOPE!!".  We went to Home Depot and looked at a granite look laminate which I wasn't THRILLED about but I found one I didn't mind.  We grabbed several samples and headed out.... As we were passing by the tile dept. the ol' lightbulb came on... why not install granite tile countertops?!!!  
The Mister is handy and I know everything, so how hard can it be?
This is the one we picked out:
Darling and I are going to order it today!  and.... of course, the Mister (being all reasonable and stuff) will be going to the tile class this Saturday, just to make sure!  Whatever!


Kim said...

wow- the cabinets look fab!! I love the color combos- I especially like the black on the bottom and the turquoise on the top- how flippin exciting!!!

chinamommy said...

Thanks Kim- so weird to walk into the kitchen in the morning, i feel like i'm in the wrong house! :)

Jeninator said...

Dang. You sound like me, and your husband sounds like mine! I was just looking at my kitchen cabinets this morning thinking they needed a fresh layer of paint (then I wondered what my adoring husband would think- but that won't stop me). :)

Melanie said...

You did such a great job! I love to just throw on paint too, but it makes a lot more sense in the long run to do it the right way. Darn it. I really like how it came out. You really almost do not notice the purple counters. I once had an all purple bathroom in an apartment (toilet, sink, tub, tile - everything), so I have a heart for it.

I'm also glad to know that you were actually working when you should have been emailing me your deepest, darkest secrets. Ha!

Angela said...

OHHHH LOVE!!!! The dragonfly is killer!!! I really love it!! Now, I am getting the itch again!!

Kugo said...

I love the color of your cabinets! It came out so good. I'm not crazy about oak either, it's a little too heavy. I really like how colorful your kitchen is, it really suits you!


chinamommy said...

thanks everyone!!!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Love it! Teal is my fave color, so I think it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it with the countertops. I also love the distressed island! You rock. :-)

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