Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday... Day of the egg....

Oh crap this is the day i said i'd show the eggs i was making and i was going to... and i still might.  i had to go this morning to get life insurance and that made me all a twitter and my stomach hurt and i was sure we'd die on the way back to the house and my precious wonderful daughter would have to go live with the waste of a parasite that i was married to when I adopted her and her life would be ruined and.....
Oh boy, have I mentioned OCD runs in my family?
so now i am downstairs gluing and glittering and painting and trying like a freak to get these eggs done.  i'm still in my jacket cause i didn't have time to take it off and I thought i'd be able to finish them up, photograph them and post them in 7 or 8 min. but then i had to eat a banana to counter act the organic chocolate cake with "full on chemical frosting" i used and now it's after 11 and I still have to go to the store cause I'm leaving on a cruise in 23 days and i have nothing to wear.  i had it in my head i was running to the store today and once it's in my head it will just throw off the rotation of the Earth if i don't go!
So i go to get online and I notice my darling has done something to the computer and i no longer have that thing on the side where are my favorites are and i just go to the apple homepage and then have to type everything i want in that search thingy at the top.... what happened?  How do i get it back... Oh there's that time machine thing..... Hmmmm- if it brings me back to the time i was married to that idiot and didn't have a dime to my name I don't know what I'll do.  I think I'll leave it alone.
Ok, I guess I'll post the eggs tomorrow so that it's too late for anyone to make them but they look better than they do right now....
Story of my life!
Ok, how about a sneak peak now that I've pulled my camera out of the pile of glue that was on my work bench... oh i wish i was kidding!
grab some mod podge and some eggs.. if you can't find paper mache, wooden ones or even plastic will work...with plastic you may want to rough them up a bit with some sandpaper!
get some images, pages from books (goodwill is a great place to get paperbacks for .25!  Read them then rip em up for craft projects!).
ribbon, lace, velvet trim... whatever!
i took pages from my book and cut them into thin strips about 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide
When it goes over the curve of the egg it's best to cut little slits all up each side of the paper
See the picture above?  I found out after a few strips it's really best to do it ALL along the edge, tiny little slits so it wraps better.
I mixed extra fine glitter with my mod podge but you can buy it already with glitter in it.  GLOB it on and keep using your brush to get the paper nice and wet and pushed down.
My mini $5 fan from Menards (Save big $ at Menards.... do you have those where you live?  If so you're now singing the song in your head and might be for the next several hours!).  That fan is one of the best buys ever for my studio!  I burn the crap out of everything if i try to use my embossing gun... an extra hair dryer might be good too if it has a cool setting!
Anyway, after you've got the strips on, let it dry for a while then use your fingers to press down any stubborn areas- you'll find it's still a bit damp underneath and will lay down better....
Ok, rather than post a bunch of 1/2 done crappy eggs, I'll show you the rest tomorrow and then you can work on your own for NEXT Easter!!
Ok, it's almost noon and I'm on the hunt for a bathing suit that does NOT have Dora on it!
Happy April Fool's Day!!
If you know of a good joke to play on a (very serious) 6 year old let me know!!  
I've already thought of telling her our house burnt down or someone died, but the Mister gave me a lecture!  Geesh, you tell your kid her eye is hanging out 1 time when you accidentally bumped her and he gets all mature and parental on me!  I told her I'd push it back in!!!


Melanie said...

It's more of a prank, but you could put Saran Wrap on the toilet seat before she goes to the bathroom. She would hate you forever for that one!

I love the egg idea, but I lack the creativity and the patience to even begin to do crafty things. Cooking and baking are about the only fairly time-consuming things that I can do to relax. Other than that, it's me and a bottle of wine.

I would love to hear more about the ex-husband some time. I am so nosy and I love to know all about people! Does he still see DD? That would be so hard to share after a divorce!

C. said...

Hey, there's an undertone to this post that worries're in a funk! Go buy yourself a present that has nothing to do with art! You need to get around some different folk for a while...go have coffee with your neighbors- don't wait for the invite, show up like there was one! Bring muffins!

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