Monday, February 1, 2010

Boyne Mtn. Ski Trip!

Just got back from our annual ski trip- we had such a great time!!
Darling daughter went with us and what fun, as a parent, to see your child (who has never been on skies) ski down a hill all by herself with NO falls!!
The Condo we were in was just beautiful!  It was done all in browns and TURQUOISE... did they know I was coming?!  DD kept saying "Mom, wouldn't you just want to live here for real?", I sure would... well, actually it's a bit cold for me, but it was pretty!
Our room- the furniture... BEAUTIFUL! Notice the bedskirt- it was leather with wooly fluff (for lack of a better term, although I am sure there is one!)
✪The Master bedroom where our friends stayed (Brown velvet bedskirt on this bed)✪

the Master bathroom

One of the upstairs bedrooms (every bed had a different bedskirt-this one is turquoise velvet)
the 4th bedroom
Did you notice all the pretty pillows on all the beds?!
sitting room in the loft, or Man-Cave as the guys called it!
the living room
the fireplace was 2 sided- the other side was out on the patio where the hot tub is!
the kitchen
After we checked it all out, we headed to the slopes!➯
☃don't be jealous of my hat! haha!!☃
★★I was 1 proud mommy!!★★
On the ski lift- the 3 of us and I took the wrinkle between my eyes along!
Poor Darling with her runny nose... enjoy!
Yes, it's true, the Mister and I have matching hats... although mine from Target has faux!
I wish I would have taken more pictures at the resort and at the place we ate on the way out of town... but how do you ask the woman that looks like a man who is smoking brown cigarettes if you can take her picture for your blog?
We had such a great time with great friends even if it was a high of 17 degrees!
Now... it's time to get down to my studio and get busy!
✽IF you haven't seen Little Miss Crafty's blog, head over there to see the cutest darn beads - EVER!✽
Happy Monday dolls!


Funny in My Mind said...

They did a fantastic job decorating that condo- that would be a fun job for me! ha
Looks like you had a fabulous time.
My son has some of those hats and he adores them!

Dragonfly said...

Hot tub on the patio??! Sounds perfect :-)

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