Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome Monday... hey, I don't work so what do I care!?

Ok, I DO work, but it's at home and it's called cleaning my house and all that goes with that!  I blog and I work in my art studio... Oh yeah, i waste a lot of time reading blogs too... :)
This weekend was fun- No big plans, I love that!
Darling has been so sick for so long but now she's back at it!
Sunday she had a roller skating birthday party!  Love to see my little one learn something NEW!
Here she is with Dad and one of her 1st grade friends.  The first several laps we walked her around. 
(I just noticed the Mister's shirt looks like it's flipped up all Fonz like, Aaaaaaa....
I promise you it wasn't, I keep an eye on him to make sure he's not doing anything weird like wearing his shirt unbuttoned with 6 gold chains- You've got to watch those guys that grew up in the 70's!)
After a while she wanted to do it herself and man, do kids catch on to stuff quick, or what?
Last weekend skiing, this weekend rollerskating!
there she goes!
She's afraid to look into the camera, every time she did... she bit it!
Sunday evening we had NO super bowl plans or super BOWEL as one of my facebook friends wrote.  How much fun did a potty talker like myself have with that?!  I couldn't let that one just ride off into the sunset with NO comment!!  BOWEL... oh that kills me!  I told him a super BOWEL sounded like a personal problem to me!  Lucky for him no one had noticed until I was kind enough to point it out- you ARE welcome!!
We stopped at the grocery store because i was hungry for toffee... random, i know!  I'm not a big dessert person, but toffee sounded so good I had to have one of those candy bars.... I don't even know the name of it, the toffee one!
Well, because I was starving when we went in for the .79 candy bar we ended up with:
You're right... NO candy bar! They actually had the toffee candy I was dreaming of in my head and .50 cents off!  The mister was like "$5.99 for candy??" but he KNOWS:
what baby wants, baby gets!
Obviously baby also wanted guac, pickle pringles and Creme Brulee!
Darling daughter picked blue jell-o and the mister wanted some smelly Artichoke asiago dip.
Mmmmmm, Mmmmm!
I'm not a foodie at all, but don't get me started on Creme Brulee...
It is the ONE dessert that makes my mouth water.  The one in the box left a bit to be desired, but... I'm not into fancy-cookin'!
Oh and the toffee... I had part of 1 little piece.  After I ate 27 lbs of chips and guacamole, a creme brulee and a glass of wine I couldn't even shove 1 whole piece of MY candy down my pie hole- there's always today, don't worry!!
Snore-ville, sorry this post is NOT exciting...
I've got to get these pendants done:
I finally got what I needed this weekend, so I want to get them listed on etsy today!
See you later this week for more riveting posts...
and by the way, these are both listed in my etsy store:

Happy Monday Gals!


♥zoe♥ said...

Hello cute lady! I missing you soOOoO Muchhhh...yeah me and hubby were sick. I hope your darling daughter is feeling better today:) Gonna post something in my blog tomorrow been neglected for too long and yes i just came bck from Hong Kong and then sick.....

Thanks for thinking of me i really feel so grateful been knowing and follow your blog almost one year!


Angela said...

Dill Pickle Pringles? Mmmmm! I am a foodie so your post was exciting to me! I hung on every word.

Oh and by "foodie" -I just like food... :D

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