Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday Gals!

Hey Gals, hope you all had a nice weekend!!
On Friday we met my parents at The Outback for
MY BIRTHDAY- don't worry, you still have a few shopping days left, it's not till Wednesday!
Yes, I do look worried and No, I'm not.
Enjoy this picture of the 4 of us: The Mister, Darling Daughter, Myself & my big forehead wrinkle between my eyes.
Darling daughter has a boy in her class whose Dad is a plastic surgeon, I suggested to the Mister he may want to talk to this guy and see if I could get a little "work" done for my birthday...:)
After we ate we ran over to Bed, Bath and Beyond because my Mom had a 20% off coupon and wanted to use it on a giant suction cup... don't ask.  Don't even get me started on how she lost her coupon, my dad ran back to the car to get more, she lost that one and the suction cup and how i found them both laying on a pile of hangers...
I got a coupon too but decided to use mine on something better than a $3.99 suction cup, so I got a:
Oh, I hope i like it... I've heard everything from "I love it" to "I hate it and want to chuck it in the river"
do YOU have one??  do tell!!

Yes, darling got GLASSES!
Oh how cute do i think this girl is?  and how much does she look like Twinkie Chan's baby twin?

do you know of Twinkie?  IF NOT, google her!!  She is my crochet muse!
Speaking of darling... check out the cutie outfits I got for her:
eek, i want that dress for myself!!
denim skirt with ric-rac and ruffles!!
this cute hoodie with leggins
I want my daughter's wardrobe!
I hate mine right now...
Saturday we went out for VALENTINE'S dinner at our favorite Chinese place
I now take that wrinkle with me everywhere... we're tight like that!
On Sunday we decided to exchange gifts and then just hang out at home!
1st we went to Meijer:
and who got a little extra present for herself?!
Cricut Cartridges on sale $49.99

So it was a great weekend here!  Hope yours was too!!!
I'm off to steam clean my floors & find out if i heart my shark!


BecsLifeOnline said...

Just arrived at your blog from the navbar at the top of the page. I love arts/crafts blogs, hope you don't mind if I follow your blog from now on. Your little girl is just too cute hehe :-)

C. said...

Well, you know it- I totally love the glasses! The one pic looks like the girl from Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants! Without you Kennedy would just be way too serious!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hey Cutie:)
I was in Malaysia now,visit my 2nd sis Avy, she's let me tried her Galvanic spa*teehee* it's pretty amazing hopefully you can change your mind of getting one for yourself instead of plastic surgery. It's looks can iron off my eyebags! You really transform your cute daughter like Twinkie lol!

Amber said...

Where did you find that tie dye dress? It's darling! As is your daughter. . .and come to think of it - your whole family. I have been thinking of buying a cricut and it's all because of that cartridge you just bought! Lol. I love the nesting dolls. Do you like yours? Which one do you have? Hope your bday is lots of fun!

Angela said...

I want her wardrobe, too!

It sounds like a really fun weekend- and Happy early Birthday!!!!

未來 said...

如果擬任為輸贏是最重要的事,那你輸了 ..................................................

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