Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm a good person, people like me!!

If you've been reading for a while (which you probably haven't been... since so MANY of you are NEW- hellooooooo and welcome aboard the crazy train!)- you know my dream of being ★famous★!  Not famous like Pat Robertson, or Dolly Parton, more famous like Martha Stewart and Lady Gaga (minus that whole bi-sexual thing).  Ok, so I just re-read that and don't worry, it makes no sense to me either!
wait, where was I going?  Oh yeah... I have 54 followers, 54!!!  Oh, if only you knew how happy that made me!!
Sitting here in my hot pink gingerbread girl PJ's feeling like a straight Lady Gaga with Martha Stewart skills!
Well now that my whole Friday has been made... I'd like to show you what I listed on etsy today:
*lime green*
Awww, a baby blue fawn!
I used my new light box... can you tell?  I need to work on it, it's pretty wrinkly and shows every piece of dust... tips anyone??
Miniature paintings on small wood pendants!
Hope you like them and even more than that...
I hope you BUY them!
Ok, darling daughter went back to school today- Whewww, I love that girl, but playing hunch-back servant to that child is exhausting.  Any idea how mad I am that blogger took away my spell check?  Can you imagine the anxiety I have as I hit "Publish Post" and wonder how many of my smart readers are rolling their eyes... Hey, people, I have an art degree- not that that makes me dumb, but I was too busy staring at dandelion fluff during spelling....
Ok, this post is making me dizzy.
Have a great weekend & write a comment if you REALLY want to share the love!


Kugo said...

Please, I've been reading you forever and congratulations on your 54 followers! You're like the popular girl in school.

Angela said...

They took spell check away? uh oh. I love your blog it is SO cute and funny!

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