Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What NOT to wear....or maybe?!

Hannah... Hannah... Hannah...
Thank you Hannah Storm for wearing this just in time for today's post!  Hannah, I feel your pain- i love me some red go-go boots too and plaid skirts... yes, please! But Hannah... we aren't 23 anymore and as much as that breaks my sparkly pink hello-kitty heart, the naughty Catholic school girl looks is NOT rocked by us 40 year olds!
as Tony Kornheiser says:
"She's got on red go-go boots and a Catholic-school plaid skirt... way too short for somebody in her 40's or maybe early 50s by now... She looks like she has sasage casing wrapping around her upper body... Come on now! Stop! What are you doing?"

good-bye sparkle leggings

yikes, I have leggins on in this picture... should i send them to goodwill?
Can I wear them under this jean jumper thingy or should that go too?
and who thinks she's Jackie O with her GIANT owl sunglasses?!
good-bye sparkle sequin shorts

Rebel Ballerina tank- go find a 15 year old...

Wassap B? tee... I still heart you!
Paul and Frank... i heart you and so does my 6 year old- 
does that make me wrong?

really, in my opinion- no one should be wearing these...
did someone poop their pants?

ruffle skirt- nope, sorry, find a 20 year old
I use to work with a gal that was 42/43 at the time and I believe she owned the above jean skirt...
it wasn't pretty then and I'd put $10 on the fact it's still in her closet (along with the way too high wicker sandles with ankle straps that dug into her cankles... sorry honey, you know it's true!)
cute skirt! Love the white trim, but the length...
just say NO!

Romper romper... how I remember you from the 70's!
My mom had a green terry cloth one with an applique frog- SEXY!
I think these are cute, I kinda want one, but... i know I shouldn't!
Who wants Stacey and Clinton showing up at their door?!  Only for the $5,000 shopping spree, the public humiliation i can do without!
1 shoulder glitter top... again not for us "older gals"
Yes, I would still wear this one though...
this top, these pants?!  A 41 year old can wear, right?
i ❤ these boots... i do!  I would wear them with a black rain coat, i would...

This last look... oh how i LOVE this... but... the socks?
can i? should i? could i?
what if the skirt was a bit longer??
What does you gals think is a NO GO once you are over 40?!
I'm the size of an 11 year old... although I can't believe how big 11 year olds are now, maybe a 9 year old?!  Sometimes this confuses me, I think I can wear stuff because I look like a kid from behind...sorry, but my face give me away, dang it!
don't worry, I'm not wearing low rise jeans with a tube top (ok so i have one, but it stays in my drawer- don't make me break it out!) and a thong sticking out... but I like "CUTE" stuff and am thinking those days are growing shorter and shorter...
ok, I've got to get out of my Hello Kitty PJ's and go put on my Hello Kitty t-shirt! :)
If you see Clinton and Stacey, tell them I said HI!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to clothes but I have to draw the line at the short skirts because my behind would look like two pigs fighting under a blanket.


LuLu Kellogg said...

p.s. at 47, she (or her stylist)should know better. ESPN host, Tony Kornheiser, was suspended from his job for two weeks for calling this particular outfit "horrifying"....YIKES! She must know someone in high places!


BecsLifeOnline said...

Congratulations!! You won the giveaway on my blog. Please could you email your name and address to and your book will be on its way! :-) Take care, Becs x

Angela said...

LOL!! I know, I know!! I try not to shop in the juniors dept but I can't help myself sometimes!

Now maybe I should go take a picture of what I am wearing right now so you will feel better :)

Angela said...

Oh! and I LOVE that last outfit!

Angela said...

I just posted what I am wearing over on my blog- just for you :)

Caustic said...

I don't think you should say goodbye to the sparkling leggings, as long as you are in good shape. It's more a case of what you wear them with. Leggings are not for the young, no clothes are for the young. It's all about knowing your limits.

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