Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Re-cap and other good stuff!

Wednesday was the BIRTHDAY, although I like to drag it out as long as possible...
Darling was so excited for me to open my gifts she had to tear the paper just a little for me...
Do you like my birthday "do"?
My Presents:
1. Big Red Purse
2. Black onyx jewelry
3. Supper at my favorite place
4. the BEST family ever!
 I'm not really that into $300 or more purses, I'm more into lots of funky inexpensive purses.  I had a Coach bag once a few years ago & I really didn't like it, it was ok, it was just a black leather bag.... I sold it on ebay.
This bag is from Target, one of my favorite boutiques ;) haha!

Pretty faceted black Onyx jewelry set, nice pic, hun?
I don't know why my pictures always look so dark and unclear on here... Some blogs have the most BEAUTIFUL pictures, not this one...  Oh well, trust me- it's pretty stuff!
*why do my hands look strangely deformed in pictures?*
perhaps I've told you how much i LOVE this little girl of mine?!
How about that belt that my little "accountant" designed herself?  Perhaps she breaking out of her left brained self?  and this dress... she loves it!  She had to wear it Mon & Wed!  This is my girl that usually says "why do you have to dress me so cute and fancy?", she's my JEANS girl!  Anytime she wants to do something out of her little serious self, I say "go for it!".  She wore pink hair to school Monday and a few weeks ago wore her super-girl cape to school.  I love seeing this FUN childish behavior out of my 6 year old who is SO serious most of the time!!
Settle down Mister, wipe that giant grin off your face...
We went to our FAVE place, a Japanese steak house where they cook right at your table.  The food is always GREAT and most of the time you sit with other fun people.  There was a family to our right celebrating their son's 11th birthday- they were nice enough to take our picture.
Doesn't the hand hanging onto darling daughter look like a creepy skeleton claw?  Yikes! 
Thanks to all of you that left me birthday wishes- you know i love all the extra attention... is that called a narcissist? Perhaps....
Here are some of the latest I've listed on etsy:
and I'm thinking that some of my crochet may make an appearance in chinamommy at some point!  Who would have thought?!
Happy Friday everyone!
Anyone going to see the movie: Shutter Island?
It's been on all the morning shows today... looks SCARY! 


Funny in My Mind said...

Happy birthday- I am dragging it out for ya!
You all look so cute and I didn't notice the skeletor hands what with all the pretty people!
I am a Coach girl but I love Target bags and carry them as well. Especially the one with the big rosettes I got not too long ago.
Love the jewelry!
I am going to the Etsy store to look at your cute things.
We have a Japanese steakhouse that I love, the sauce for the shrimp is to die for!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Cutie!
Happy belated birthday:) you're so pretty and HOT in all pictures*teehee* perhaps i love to think of everyday is my birthday or valentines day so it's an excuse ask my man to buy me presants lol....
I'm a Juicy Couture girl! Love their bags and fun design. Enjoy! I'm in Malaysia now visit my 2nd sis and celebrating Chinese New Year:)

Angela said...

I'm all about big purses from Target. Saving money makes me happier than name brands :)

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

{eleise} said...

Happy b-day! That is one CUTE little girl!!!

Looks like you added some amazing items to your shop!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Well shoot. You didn't get your Range Rover. ;-) Looks like you had a great time and kudos to your hubs for buying you jewelry and a handbag! Did you end up seeing Shutter Island?

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