Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm throwing my request into the universe...

 an etsy business that makes 6 figures... 
Oprah told me I could do this, throw my request into the universe, I've been asking for a Range Rover to the point of obnoxiousness...

 hey Oprah, why is this in my garage?

and Universe, as long as you aren't listening, can you do something about this puppy?
He just ate my new favorite lip balm-i hate him right now.
He's begging for my forgiveness, which i choose to withhold for now...
I should be asking the Universe for a new wardrobe and carpet- don't be jealous!
So anyway, I started a *NEW* and amazing etsy store... My narcissistic personality tells me it's amazing and I'm listening to that gal!
it's called:
(paper cuts are cute)
and here's a sneak peek:

embellished die-cuts for
scrapbooking and card making

I'm working on packaging today...

this last picture is for cheekygreen
i'm doin' the work lady!!  all this goes to my church into our paper-gator!
Well, we'll see if anyone is interested, if not...
anyone need a seahorse?
My goal is to have this biz up and RUNNING no later than Monday!
I'm off to dress in an inappropriate outfit and head down to my studio :)
Have a great day!


Angela said...

Great attitude!! Yes, throw it out into the universe!! Your stuff is so cute! I have not gotten my scrapbook stuff out in years! But, I will tell all of my scrapping friends about your shop!

Kim said...

HI!!! I stumbled upon your blog and I've been reading backwards and I think you are awesome! Just wanted to say hello- good luck with your etsy store and RIP lip gloss! Have a sunny and productive day!!!

Amber said...

Cute pink pajamas girl! Love the papercutscute idea!! Can't wait to see what you make. Here's to hoping you get your range rover. ;-)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hey Doll~

While you are at it, tell Oprah I want a Vivienne Westwood handbag and a beach cruiser bike...white with a pink basket.

Good luck with your new shop

I LOVE the picture of you and darling daughter.


picture me said...

I started to read your Blog yesterday and I think you are so cool! I love scrap booking but dead and plain when it comes to creative ideas!

I've been throwing stuff out into the universe for years and still nothing! Maybe Oprah is in a different universe? ^^,

Tracy Rogers said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I wanted to say GOOD LUCK with your new etsy shop!


C. said...

Yes, that's what I'll get you for your b-day, Sweet Cherry Pie lip gloss. That's it!

Anonymous said...

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