Thursday, February 4, 2010

these are NOT Hugh Heffner's bunnies...

There really are few things cuter than a bunny... my daughter being one of them!!
Speaking of my darling, darling daughter... she is home sick again!
I'm tired, tired of Dora, tired of Kai-lam, tired of repeating everything I say because her ears are plugged, tired of blood pouring out of MY ears because the TV is so loud I'm ready to have a stroke and tired of bleaching every surface in an OCD kinda way....
Anyway, back to bunnies, cause they're cute & quiet...

Seriously, what is better than animals in clothes?

glass bunnies found on etsy.
Her store is: bykeiara
glass AND bunnies...❤
aren't they adorable??
crochet pattern by CSCrochet on etsy!!
Cute, cute, cute!
anyone else out there crochet?
Ok, i have to go throw the TV in the trash...
I am so in hopes of her being back in school tomorrow.  It makes me nervous for her to miss so much school, I mean how is she suppose to get into med school if she misses 2 weeks in 1st grade?!
To which she will promptly reply "I'm going to be a COP"- have I mentioned that at 61/2 years old she's 3'6" & weights in at 34lbs...?  Not saying she can't be a cop, but doesn't she know I dream of being the mother of a famous pediatric neurosurgeon?
Happy Thursday... really?  Thursday already?!?


MODG said...

omg I seriously just died of a cute overload.

kamuri~ said...

Wooow. That crocheted bunny is sooo cuutee.! I'm just starting to crochet, and I'm doing a bunny now. But i was wondering would you happen to have the pattern for that one?

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