Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gasp... a SATURDAY post!?

Yep, a post on Saturday, but I'm cheating cause I'm typing some of this up on Friday!
I wanted to show off this cutie's work!
Her name is Dena and her shop on etsy is:

I have 2 of her wire words in my home and can think of at least 2 people I've given these as gifts to.
I ❤ them!
and check out her cute pendants:
it says sing (not sin!!)

2 sided :)
Anyone have plans today?
I want to make this:
and I have to take care of this:
thanks to a playground situation...
(don't you love the paper the glasses are on?  Apparently she's in negotiations with daddy to build a "girls only" fort in the backyard)
and I have to finish up some picture taking ...
I've decided to start another little etsy store to sell paper products for scrapbooking.
My new store is called:
(paper cuts are cute)
here's a sneak peek:
I'll have all kinds of embellishments but I also am going to sell the goodies you need to make your OWN paper banners for parties or just for everyday!
to all my new followers!!!
You have NO idea how excited I am every time someone joins the party!!


♥zoe♥ said...

Hello cutie!
Sunday for us soon:) I'm baking cupcakes tonight and supper with hubby later!kekeke.
That's a really nice wire words i wish i can have one too!
Yes only for the ladies boy away! My niece always said this infront of her brother:)
Wooooo! I'm going to check out your new Etsy paper store now!

Crafty Debbee said...

I Love Etsy. I have a shop but I mostly like shopping on etsy. It is my favorite place to by little gifts to myself. My goal for today is 1)Get off the computer, 2) Go to yoga and 3) Start on a Signature Quilt for my darling DL's baby shower. Have a good and productive day.

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