Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wish List...

My Birthday is coming, I'm not thrilled...
I don't like thinking about it, I don't want to be old because I don't want to do that weird rocking thing to get up out of chairs, I don't want hairs on my chin, I don't want to not be able to poop, I don't want to eat supper at 4:15...
Here are some things that cheer me up:
I use to wear these all the time, I still have a place in my ❤ for them

this is more "my look" now days

but I want this to be "my look"

i like the socks with the heels, i do... my feet are ALWAYS cold 
and I have a love affair with socks!!
(the above shoes all found on: weheartit.com)
I have a terrible time finding shoes, I wear a 5, not a 5 1/5 people, a 5!
Very high end designer shoes come in tiny sizes... you know, the shoes that start at $1,000 and 
go up from there!
I was reading Danielle Thompson's blog yesterday and she had a link to
John Fluevog's shoes...I think these are
adorable!  Wouldn't they be cute with a Vintage dress or skirt?

TURQUOISE... swoon!

They have shoes IN my size and aren't $1,000, but they aren't $35 either...
more in the $249 range, but did I mention I have a birthday coming?

i ❤ these!  
When I showed them to the Mister he said: "look at that heel?!, it looks like the bottom of a cane!"
Well, since I will be another year older, isn't that fitting?
I have to change something here on the blog... I'm going to have to put that thing... that thing where you have to type in random words to keep spammers out!
Now that I'm famous I have a Chinese spammer!
I woke up and had like 8 new comments on my blog, I was so excited I almost peed (cause you do that too when you get old!) till I saw it was only a bunch of Chinese writing- Hey dude, My daughter is from China, but we don't speak it, nor can we read it!  When I first started my blog I remember reading others who would complain about spammers and I'd think "I can't wait till I'm a big-wig like that", well, my friends- that day has arrived!
So, I'm sorry you have to deal with this change but I sure hope it won't slow down REAL comments because you just make this old woman squeal when I see comments!!!
Have a wonderful day, I'm going to scrapbook today, right after I list these:

Happy Tuesday!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Squeal!!!!!!!! I love the pink shoes! Ahhhhhhh!

I have comment moderation on my Blog because of all the spammers and porno crap! I hate to do it but it's a necessity so I don't ming typing in the word verification at all :)

Hope you are nice toasty warm!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Heh heh. . .thanks for the laugh girl! You deserve a pair of $250 shoes and pink ones too. I love the teal. That is my color as of late. Did you guys get all of this snow too? We have a snow day today. So thankful for the xtra sleeeeep! Thank you for your encouraging words.

Amy Sprunger said...

Omgosh you crack me up. I am loving those red shoes! Vintage - very fun. Your blogs make me laugh.

And, I think you can pull off those first black ones easy!

<3 <3 <3


Angela said...

I think the vintage shoes are all really ugly, like for old people, except for the pink ones with the "cane" heels, if I had to choose which vintage ones were my favorite of the ones you showed, those would be it. By the way, how "old" are you becoming? How "old" do you feel? I'll be turning 35 this year, and I used to be athletic and a dancer, but now my back hurts all the time, all of my joints pop and crack...I dread getting old too. If this is what 34 1/2 feels like, I don't want to know what 80 will be like. I don't even want to live that long if this is what 34 feels like. Anyway, best of luck to you, and happy upcoming birthday. I just found your blog by clicking "next blog" at the top of mine.

Lori said...

OMG love the shoes! So glad I had a more wonderful shoe life in high school cause now I can't wear them cuties due to my knee and back, car accident! I'd love the red ones, they may work! later,Lori

♥zoe♥ said...

I love shoes for life! the most eapensive shoes i ever purchsed would be Pedder Red, NINE WEST. And i loves it:) I love the french blue with brown starps so vintage!
YOu deserve a nice shoes on your birthday:)


♥zoe♥ said...

btw lady i received these chinese & casino spammer!!! Fact of being famouse like what you said? hahaha...ok:)
Enjoy you fab sweet week my friend!

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