Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Dear, my Deer, I'm fawning over you...

This is quick and my pictures might be crappy, but i have this poor little girl to take care of:
She missed the whole week of school last week... I put her to bed around 7 every night, made her drink tons of OJ and take vitamins, soaked her in a warm tub and hugged her endlessly, but
she's home again today and going to the DR!
She was in bed with us at 3 am with her ears hurting...
So, quickly let me share what I got in the mail yesterday- 2 VERY wonderful things!!
a REAL  light box with 2 of these little lamps!
 Isn't it funny that this is so I can take Great?... BETTER pictures and my pictures of it are SO SO SO very crappy!  Ha, I kill me!
and then this from the wonderful Little Miss Crafty:

go check her blog AND see the new beads she made!  
Cute overload!!
so much prettier in person, because of course I didn't put it in my light box... duh!
and some new goodies I'm working on....

I'm in ❤❤❤ with this little fawn!!
I've been making clay pendants and then found these little wood shapes and started stamping/painting away on those too, I'm rather fond of them if I do say so myself!
Do you know of Jennifer Perkins (Naughty Secretary's Club)?  Well, her daughter is Tallulah Fawn... I should totally send her one of these pendants and then she'd feature me on her blog and I'd be famous and I'd get a Range Rover and adopt 20 more girls from China and have tons of designer jeans and only eat organic food... Oops, sorry about that... Anyway....
I've been plugging along on my etsy store... of course I've got a ton of things to list because I was waiting on the above fabulous light box (bought on ebay for a TOTAL of $36!).  I KNOW great photo's are a MUST for sales and I just don't feel like mine scream "Greatness" or maybe my stuff is just crap?!  Well, either way, I'm sticking to my new years resolution of "working" my store!
Can you tell I've been busy?
Random jewelry makin' stuff! Oh.. and a BIG BOX of crayons with MY name on it!  I don't use them, I just look at them and have been known to sniff them on occassion!
The TV that must always be on a true crime channel.... I have a serious problem!
I ❤crime stories!
a clean spot...yes, it's blocking a door, but it's only the door to the furnace and I never feel the need to visit that!
a painting I'm working on... the face.... just can't get it where I want it, I can see it in my head but my fingers won't move the brush right.
The little oval reads:
"It's better to have loved and lost than to spend the rest of your life with a psycho"
IF you only knew how true that was.... UGH!
Ok, must go pick tissues off the furniture and get darling to the Dr!
Happy Tuesday gals!


The Batcave said...

oh my geez. how cute is she? makes me re-think not wanting a girl!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope the wee one gets better quick. Poor little thing. I know you are taking wonderful care of her!


Angela said...

I love "Little Miss Crafty" hee hee

I know what you are saying about the photos...ughs

Good for you for working that shop!

I hope the little one gets better soon. She looks so sweet in the picture.

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