Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Family Heirloom QUILT....

So I'm starting a family heirloom...
Not like the one my 100 year old grandma started years ago and never finished!
She had this grand idea (and yes, my 100 year old grandma is still livin' large, well, I don't know how large, but she is alive, she even has her own teeth and hair!!)... anyway, the grand idea was to knit (she and my mom knit- I've tried, but I never got into it like crochet) this quilt made of leave shapes.  I remember a bag with a few of them done and that was the end of the family heirloom quilt!
I've made the 1st and 2nd step on MY family heirloom quilt
(this one is by attic24, but I'm using her pattern!)
1. bought a bunch of that new wool 
Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller
and a couple of  Vanna's Choice baby since they were 2/$5 and good colors!
I just didn't want to do all acrylic because i'm a fiber snob and don't want to cover up with all plastic.  Making a blanket out of acrylic is like eating margarine... ick!

2. started my squares!!

 4 down, who knows how many to go...
They're quick and easy to do and I'm getting to the point I can pay attention to TV while doing them.  When I first started I had to have total silence and write my counts down on paper or as soon as I did it,  it went out of my swiss cheese brain!
I actually made these while watching THE BACHELOR Monday night-  and speaking of THE BACHELOR...
did you watch?
what did you think?
I thought he was a dork, a good looking dork, but he just cried too much and if he were a spice he'd be nacho CHEESE!
I'm really going to try and pick up the pace and share some more arts and crafts.  If there's ever anything you'd like to see, leave me a comment!!
Anyone here into digital scrapbooking or making digital embellishments??  Where do I go to learn how to do that?  Good websites?
You know I don't have enough hobbies, so I'm looking for something else-haha!
Have a great day!
I've got to run into school and get darling daughters glasses  to her... yep, we forgot them!  Then we have dentist appointments this afternoon- darling LOVES to go to the dentist, go figure! :)


C. said...

Kayla wants to learn how to knit or something like that...can you teach her? I'm likely to stab her with a needle or something....

♥zoe♥ said...

WOWww! It's crazy gorgeous:) i want one square! You win girl*teeheE*Loving and my mum quilt when i'm baby. I have so much fun in, i'm sure you'll loves it as much as. Just watch Disney cartoon Alice in the wonderland*hehe*
Aren't you bored seeing my msg of Enjoy your creativity:)

Angela said...

Whoa! It looks fantastic! I love the bright colors! I am a huge Bachelor fan but skipped this season just because Jake was the Bachelor. I couldn't take him the first time around- can't wait till the next Jake-free season.

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