Friday, March 19, 2010


Wow,  how was that for a creative title? Nothing like stating the obvious!
So, I'm TRYING to drink more water... I'm someone that is rarely thirsty, I'm just not, I'm the camel girl of West Michigan.  I drink my cup of coffee in the morning and then don't really have another drink until I'm eating a meal- weird, I know! I've never had a big gulp, I gave up pop/soda years ago and with these invisalign braces I'm doing now, if I drink juice I have to floss and brush after, so...i don't!
To make a long story longer... I was sitting here drinking my glass of water, when the inevitable happened- I had to go to the bathroom and WHAT do I see when i go in there?  No, not the normal unflushed braggings of darling daughter, but this:
little clippings of BLACK hair on my hideous "mauve" countertop (NO, i did NOT pick it and hope to send it packing SOON!!)... Hmmmmm!???
I look IN the drawer...
and yes, we DO got2b playful!!
what is that below those headbands and that baggie of elastic ties next to the scissors?
HAIR!!!  BLACK HAIR!!  No??!!.... Darling??  Cutting her own hair??
I was just bragging recently that my child had NEVER cut her own hair... 
do you think she missed the hair-do of her toddlerhood?
Aren't those bangs the kind that would make Vidal Sassoon weep....?
  The fact that it's only about 20 tiny clips of hair, make me pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't left the evidence- she's going to have to cover her tracks better if she expects to get away with stuff like that- I was raised on Magnum PI and learned the way of the sleuth!

Ready for the granny square update?
  I know you're waiting on pins and needles...
Let's review:
this is last Friday:
this is THIS Friday! I've doubled my amount.  I also realized I didn't like the "baby yellow" that I used for the far right-middle row square.  I went back and got a golden rod color (can't remember the actual name) from the Debbie Stoller "Stitch Nation" line, I like it MUCH better!!
BOTH crochet headbands are IN the shop!! and more coming!
light lime green cotton
Lavender cotton yarn- both with glass beads sewn on!
Easter Banner still available finished or as a DIY kit!
and this guy?.... 
I don't know, he's just awesome!
Welcome new followers!!


Kim said...

I adore your granny squares- the colors are awesome! Love the little hair bows too ♥

Melanie said...

Ok, P90X is a workout series, and it is harder than poo. I am on week 4 and am tracking my progress through my blog because I am tried of being a big momma. I wanna be a cute momma again!
Percy needs to meet your dog. He is half-Yorkie too, so maybe it would be kismet for them!
I will check out your friend's blog and refer anyone I can to you all. The Tiddy Bear sucks. I wish I had known. I tried it yesterday and all it does is turn over and not sit still. Plus, it feels like I am nursing a fake bear rather than keeping a seat belt away. I have big bazoombas too, but they do not hold the belt away from my fragile decolletage.

Melanie said...

Okay, I want your creativity - and a little girl to put this stuff on! Also, it is hilarious that your daughter cut her own hair, but just a tad. I can just see her in there evaluating how to trim just enough to get breezy bangs but not go back to when she was a small babe. Clearly, from that pic, she did not appreciate the cut! Did you get my first comment? I don't see it here now and it addressed all your comments from my blog. Hmmm...

Little Miss Crafty said...

fabulous crochet, i intend to learn this !!!!! i mean i have the books and everything !!

Funny in My Mind said...

My Little One cut a huge chunk of his bangs one year and right before picture day at preschool. It was funny and horrible. He didn't hide the evidence any better!

♥zoe♥ said...

Cutie! You have been endless laughs througout the first time and till now reading your funny blog:) You're so cute! Bravo! You're so good in those granny squares! Fantastic job:)
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your darling daughter with you holding her in your arms pic! It's so precious:)

Bridget said...

great crochet...lovely colors

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