Monday, March 15, 2010

Help, there's a sick man on my couch!

Short and Sweet today...
The Mister is sick and i'm following him around with bleach spray and my steam cleaner!  I've got him headed to the Dr. in a bit and am going down to work on
Queen of Hearts page toppers
Alice in Wonderland paper dolls
CUTE Kawaii cupcakes
and lots of Princess goodies!
Plus new banners!
Hope the sun will show it's face to I can get some photo's....
See you all tomorrow!
Here's some pretty Magenta eye candy....
all pics found on

~Happy Monday~


Angela said...

Hope he is better soon!

C. said...

Men, Bleh! But that color! I have been noticing it everywhere and it looks good on everyone! Loving that color-men-not so much.

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