Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Alice!!

So, I saw Alice in Wonderland... AGAIN!
Darling daughter wanted to go see it and even though it IS a bit creepy and not really a little kids movie...
She ❤❤❤'d it!
Go figure, this is not your frail girly 6 year old.
Before we went, I warned her that it was a bit "creepy", not scary, just creepy- she was down for it.
There were a few times I'd lean over and kind of explain to her what was going to happen or what was going on (don't worry, we were sitting in 2 seats off by themselves in a huge theater that only had about 35 people at this showing.  Don't ya just wanna throw a brick at those people that won't SHUT UP during movies??  I always keep one in my purse, just in case!).
When it was over I said "So... what'd ya think?" and she said "I loved it".  That is quite a statement from my reserved little girl!!
I wanted to share some of the Alice in Wonderland papergoods going into my new etsy store:
❤Queen of Hearts❤ page topper and 1 Alice will be sold as a set.
(see the cute bunny?  I won him from the uber talented Little Miss Crafty!  Have you seen her blog?  Go see it, her art work is DARLING!).
Alice and ❤Queen of Hearts❤- embellished with rhinestones!
Then I've got a new embellishment that I'm not quite done with but I'm giving you a sneak peek:
and another banner:
This banner comes with cream tulle and is all put together and ready to hang!
Well, the SUN is out here so that must mean it's going to be a good day, right?! 
Oh and just a little "funny" mommy moment from yesterday:
Yesterday the Mr. went to the Dr. (yes, he is better thanks to a shot and a Z-pak) when he got home he asked me what time I went over to the bus stop to get Darling.  I said 3:15 and he says you mean 4:30?  I said WHAT?  and then I realized I was looking at the clock that hangs ABOVE our cabinets... the clock that DIDN'T get changed (NOT the one on the microwave or store right below- yes, we have THREE clocks right in a row!).  Oh brother- you wanna talk about someone peeling (NOT peeing, but I was close!) out of her seat!  I went FLYING out of the house so fast the Mister's ear buds (from his ipod that were hanging on the key rack) went flying into the garage with me!!  I started my car, threw it in reverse and... it died!  I started it again and tore over to the stop.  Lucky for me (and DD), the bus was running a bit late.  I was laughing and told her what happened and she just shook her head, rolled her eyes and said "MOM!"  
I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal... what can I say?!
Happy Tuesday!!


C. said...

Your'e right! Paper cuts are cute! By the way my word verificatin is coplaky. Doesn't that sound like a naughty word? I'm getting a little squeamish!

Kel said...

Thanks for following...I'm following you back! :)

Little Miss Crafty said...

Thanks for the mention :) looks like someone is getting die cut happy !! good stuff xx

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