Thursday, March 18, 2010

My path to Fame and Fortune!

I happen to be that person that thinks fame and fortune is JUST around the corner and I have a several thousand dollar embroidery/sewing machine to prove it!
I'm always on the hunt for the next BIG idea and people, I'll tell ya, I am always a day late and a $ short!
Let me give you a couple examples:
1. Scrapbooking!
In college I would cut out my pictures and then embellish them with sayings and pictures cut out of glamour magazines.  1st scrapbooker ever??- I think SO!  I just didn't realize my greatness or the millions that were going to be made with this craft.
2. The Snuggie!
I've been wearing my robe backwards in bed to read for years... another missed opportunity right there!!
I'm afraid I'm going to be like Grandma Moses (the folk art painter) and not find myself till I'm in my 90's and then I'll have to spend all my money on adult diapers and giant tricycles for the Mister and myself- just my luck!

Though I do NOT believe I will be making fortunes with the following, I think they're cute and I hope you and 3,000 of your closest friends will want one!
These will be listed in my etsy store:
I'll be listing them today (3/18/10)
They're too big for darling, but she had the only available melon!
and do you notice the blue sky?!  
I'm sure it's just gearing up for the blizzard I'm predicting this weekend!
don't you love the pic of darling here?  
that little hand!, do i ❤LOVE❤ this girl of mine!!
Comments on the hair bows?  discuss!  Suggestions NEVER hurt my feelings!
They're crocheted with 100% cotton yard and have glass beads sewn on, I think they're pretty cute!  You know, for those 20 (and under) year olds that missed the 80's and are all about giant hair bows - these would work!
Now, yesterday I had someone (thanks Mike) leave me a message requesting I fill out an "INTERVIEW" form about the person behind my blog to be posted on his - they give a shout out to other blogs.  Well, if you know anything about me at all, you know I love to think I'm famous (narcissistic) and that everyone is hanging on my every word (narcissistic), so I hop, skipped, and jumped right over there to fill out the form.  No, they didn't ask for bank account information or my social security number, so I'm sure they're legit, plus I checked his blog.  I was so excited (narcissistic)I filled out the info and hit SUBMIT before I ever reviewed it so I hope there aren't 900 spelling and grammatical errors that will make me sound like someone from The Beverly Hillbillies!
As soon as I get the link to the interview I'll post it here and then I'll start nagging you incessantly to go vote for my interview!  Not sure how many of you were around when I was up for "Funniest Blog", but if you've recovered from all that vote begging- get ready for another round of it!
Ok, besides getting on the path to fame, I did NOTHING yesterday... NOTHING!  I hate days like that! I'm still struggling a bit with having no real purpose from 8-4... well, aside from trying to be famous, obsessively sanitizing my home, and catching up with everyone on facebook!
Have a great day everyone!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ooooooooo, can't wait for the can rest assured I will vote for YOU!

Darling looks so cute!


Angela said...

I am normally way early on trends. I give up and 3-5 years later- boom! I am glad I am married because I actually have a witness to my genius :) I'm like: "You remember when I made those?"

Oh and I swear I have had a homemade snuggie since high school! I made my mom make it for me- its teal!

Amber Zimmerman said...

LOve the bows! They're darling. . .don't change a thing about them. Are you making them for adults too? Looking forward to your interview. You are so shy. . .realllly need to come out of your shell. This will be good for you. ;-) Don't worry. . .you will be famous. . .when you're dead. Happens all the time.

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