Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cute gifts...

Believe it or not, I (yes, ME!) was afraid of what that video might bring in so I'm going to follow it up with some cute stuff from Vat19... do you know of this site?
All kinds of cute, weird, unusual gift items...
This GIANT gummy bear only has 12,600 calories so grab 2! haha!  It equals 1,400 regular gummy bears!  My daughter would LOVE this!  If you're not sure you want to go that big, try this one on a stick!

only 88 X's bigger than a regular gummy!

fish soap 

fortune cookie soap

swizzle sticks with mini drinks- cute, hun?!

mini erasers!  I LOVE these and always have- I still have a large stash of Sanrio erasers from when I was a kid!  Darling daughter got a set of mini cake erasers in her Christmas stocking- I found them at Walgreens.  I just saw a bunch of them at JoAnn's yesterday too, if you're looking!

scented pencils... I want these!!  Why?  I don't know, it's not like I write with a pencil very often, but they smell like COTTON CANDY (and other good stuff!).  Thank goodness I have a 6 year old- that gives me a good excuse to buy things like this and Domo dressed as an Easter bunny...remember him from last year?

Also a cool site I found through Strawberry Anarchy's blog
night lights by:
this is an ice cream bench by jellio too

can't you see it in your front entry?!  If you're interested, get out your check book because this stuff is EXPENSIVE!!
they've also got a gummy bear chandelier to hang above your ice cream bench!!
Well, I hope all these cute gifts will make up for that video :)  I also am afraid what my little ad thing at the top might start advertising if I don't blog "over" that last post!!
Maybe I should end this post with the following key words...
cute, gifts, gummy bears, scrapbooking, kawaii, jewelry, fashion and all things Hello Kitty!
 Tonight we have a family night for all the kids going to the new school around the corner from our home.  It will open next year for Darlings 2nd grade class.  A school around the corner works SO much better for a mom like me... you know, the one that remembers her glasses aren't on her face 2 hours after she's left for school!  But then again, why isn't SHE remembering her glasses!?
 Have a great Thursday, i'm going to try and accomplish something today...maybe!


Amber Zimmerman said...

I love sites that have those kind of fun unique gifts. My girls got some of those scented pencils from a friend in their stockings and they smell SO good!

♥zoe♥ said...

I want that only has 12,600 calories GIANT gummy bear! Buahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Kind of funny when this pops up in my mind how're they going to send me?!?
I have the mini erasers exactly the same in your pic! I purchase lots of these cute erasers and putting them into a glass container which i still not too sure what am going to do to them yet*haha*
Remember last time you been asked for Shrek headband? Come and look at my blog*keke*


Strawberry Anarchy said...

No way that giant gummy bear is cool does it taste as nice as the small ones? I blogged about smencils a while back I bought some and they taste gorgeous!! Thanks for giving me a menchie :)

Strawberry Anarchy said...

I mean smell gorgeous haha!! oops brain fart

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