Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday... day of Rest and Art

Thanks to everyone for all the encouraging words about taking a vacation from my obsession!
I'm headed down to my art room to make something for darling daughter's room...
man, does it feel good to not even wonder if it will sell, because it's NOT for sale!
Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday, i'm going to!  Darling Daughter on the other hand is getting ready to do cardio workout on the wii.... 
and she's wearing:
  • giraffe slippers
  • black and white striped leggings
  • a jean skirt
  • black long sleeve top
  • short sleeve hello kitty shirt over that
  • a hot pink poka-dot hoodie 
This girl is the definition of 6 year old fashion.... love it!
See ya Monday!!

1 comment:

♥zoe♥ said...

*teeheE* I got the similar of your Fluffy Pink! Our wii been stored for years and you had remeinded me i actually have one in my
Compare with your darling daughter, i may say when i'm age of hers i was so neard how i wish to have her closet! hahaha
Enjoy your play time cutie:)

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