Friday, March 12, 2010

The sticker club from.....HELL!

It seemed innocent enough...
a sticker club!
Darling daughter brought home a paper 2 weeks ago about a sticker club.  You send stickers to the girl listed as #1 on the sheet, move girl #2 to spot #1 and put yourself in spot #2.  Make 6 copies of the sheet with addresses and 6 of a sheet without addresses and give 6 of your GIRLfriends the pack of 2 papers.
Sooooooo, I write our address on the 1st sheet in the #2 spot, move #2 girl to #1 spot and make 6 copies, then I make 6 copies of the 2nd (blank) sheet and staple them together.  I tell darling to give SIX of her GIRL friends a packet.
The 1st day she comes home and says 2 of the girls she wanted to give a paper to weren't on the bus and then she gave 1 sheet to "naughty boy" (a boy in her class that is quite intriguing to my good girl!).  I say
"why did you give it to "naughty boy? (NB from here on out)  It's for girls, I"m sure the girls don't want to pick out yucky boy stickers and NB probably doesn't want to send them girly sticker!  I told you to give them to girls only".
Of course, I know that NB is NOT going to participate anyway and you're suppose to do this within 6 days and now we're running out of time and we're already got 1 down for the count, so I run another copy of the 2 pages AFTER I dig through the recycling bag 
where I've thrown the originals because I thought I was DONE with my part...
In the meantime, I address an envelope with girl #1's name and address and put her stickers in the mail to her.  So, today.... which is FRIDAY at 7:43 AM, darling daughter mentions something about the 12 girls she gave the sticker club papers to. 
TWELVE GIRLS? i scream.... "why 12 girls?"
She says "well, you gave me 12 papers"
Well, this, of course, send me off for my morning melt down because
It's Friday, we're now 2 weeks behind (the deadline was 6 days and people, I DID MY PART which proves you can't trust a  6 year old girl to do the important things in life!!).
I rush to the printer (rush because it is now 10 min before we have to leave for the bus stop) where I am printing off a request for garnishment (due to the fact some IDIOT owes me over $30,000 and hasn't paid .01 in almost 4 years to date.... but I digress...).  I notice the paperwork is printing light which means I have to get a new black ink cartridge- lucky for me I ordered $50 worth at Christmas!  I wait for the paperwork to print (SLOWLY) and then start the RE-printing of the sticker club sheets.... I'm down to the wire, but I work best under pressure!  I'm printing, I'm yelling "did you wash your face? do you have your lunch? is your folder ready? over my shoulder, I'm collating, I'm stapling, I'M ON A MISSION! 
I put the #*%&# STICKER CLUB sheets in darlings backpack, give her a lecture on the fact that I'm 41 and know how this sticker club works and she doesn't listen to directions and now the entire human race is counting on her to GET IT RIGHT, so get out there, hand those sheets out to the original 6 girls -this is the point where she injects that she's handed them out to 12 and I have to say...ok, YELL "just pick 6 girls and hand them a packet, a packet of 2 sheets, each girl gets 2 papers which I have stapled together for your EASE!!"
We hope in the car with the backpack (sticker club sheets enclosed!), the lunch box and the worlds most needy dog (another day, another story!), back out of the garage (Thank you to the Mister for putting the garage door up on my side!!!) and, fly over to the bus stop.  I tell darling how much I love her, how I hope she does well on her spelling test and how I hope she has a wonderful day and to get rid of those sticker club sheets NO MATTER WHAT!
There is a blog out there called "Mommy wants Vodka"... 
she must have a daughter in The Sticker Club!

Have a great weekend my friends, I KNOW I will!


Kim said...

this is soooo cute- I know you don't see it that way from your end- but it is :) Hope those stickers get sorted out♥

C. said...

This sounds a little like the friendship bread thing and the dishtowel thing, etc. As I know from the onset- I'll start out real well but then.....drop the I just don't participate. I'll channel my mother and say "those clubs are of the devil" Oh Helen, you gave me so much material to work with...

Melanie said...

Ha! You just made me so glad to have boys! We don't enter into anything that requires that much work or attention to detail. Plus, boys stick stickers all over walls, furniture, etc.

Angela said...

I love you. I know it was stressful to you- but it made me giggle!

♥zoe♥ said...

It's must be a stressful and mad perhaps, no one could give you a hand by doing all this papers on your own, I wish to help if i'm there! I'm pretty good in cutting stuff*hehe* She's such a good girl and funny on knowing she gave the boy! hahaha
SWAP! IT'S REALLY FUN! DON'T MISSED OUT THE FUN:) I explore even more in my nuts mind lately through swapping with others blogland frds.


Michele said...

OH my! What a dang headache! Did he get her stickers or what?

Michele said...

Did SHE get her stickers? Durn typos! :P

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