Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunshine Day, I think I love you...

The Sun is out today... 
WHAT the heck is going on?
It's been a LONG dark winter and it's not over yet...
But the SUN is making me believe Spring is going to come...
Isn't this little clip cute? It's on etsy in the store:

Spring time tu-tu from DanburyLane (also on etsy!)

love these earrings! by:
lorelei1151 on etsy

sunshine print by:

Cool, hun?! 
whistle by: loranscruggs on etsy

Isn't this pretty?!
find it on etsy in this shop: sheiseverything

Oh how cute is this little bunny?!
find her and a LOT of other super cute goodies at this etsy shop:

Asian baby?! Yellow swim ring?! Turquoise water?!- Yes please!!
You know it doesn't get better than that for me, although I might have put the ring around the baby's waist instead?!... 
I'm going to head out so I can soak up some vitamin B!!  A sunny day does a body good (as long as it's slathered in sunblock!!) after so many grey days here in Michigan!
Remember the gal from attic24 and her awesome crochet projects?!
Well, I bought some new wool yarn and have started a granny square quilt!
Come back tomorrow, we'll discuss!
Happy Tuesday!


Crafty Debbee said...

Ohh I love Etsy. Thanks for posting some items from there. I have an etsy store as well but I need to put some more item in it. I have switched to e-bay for some quick cash.(sorry etsy). Enjoy your sunshine today. We are expecting Rain here in sunny Southern California.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Hey! So if you come to Fort fun and visit your brother at Firefly, there is this SWEET yarn shop that has the best yarn around. Be sure to call me if you come! =) Love your finds. . .I love adding more to my faves. Yay for sunshine!!

♥zoe♥ said...

Yay! Sunshine always make me smile:) great idea for sun bath*teehee* missed the white sand and aqua so much. Great finds and my favourite tutu, love the pastel colours so much. In our shopping mall i found they have baby spa with throwing lil ones into this tiny pool and with swim ring!!! I wonder are these babies enjoy?

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