Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, of course I have to GO GREEN today!

All these beautiful green items are available at
do a search by seller and type in the name BELOW each picture!
Seriously... how CUTE is this??  Made by a fellow Michigander!
check out her store:
ipod, cell phone case!  love it! MUCH cuter than you could ever buy at the nextel store!!

Aren't these PRETTY!!??  Perfect for Spring... I think!
You know my love for the granny square and this reminds me of one... I'm in love with this cute kids hat!!
Go check her beautiful crochet out at:
Beautiful glass beads!
Find this beauty at:
I have a weakness for all things "pea pod" and personalized so could this be any more perfect?
Go to her shop and have her make you one!!
LOVE peacock feathers... aren't they beautiful?
These hairclips are from:
and... TODAY she's offering FREE shipping on these $15 clips!! That's a great deal :)

and how pretty are THESE!!!
It's an actual photo of a peacock feather, cool!  Find these at this shop:
Oooooo, pretty!!  love this simple style!
I don't know about you, but this is just about the cutest necklace I have ever seen!
Pendant! Miniature! House!  Holy CUTE!!! by:
Well, what do you know... guess who this is by?!
Yep, this is in my papercutsarecute store!
and the banner below:
there's SOME green in there :)
Pendant from MY store: chinamommy
cute, hun?!  I think so and you know i AM one to toot my own horn! 
soon to be in my store.... crochet headbands!
maybe I'll brush her hair next time and NOT blow out the color with a flash, brother!  It was SO beautiful out yesterday  I had big plans to photograph DD in my crochet headbands, but... something sparkly caught my eye and the photography thought was gone- surprise, I know!  It actually wasn't sparkly, it was something MUDDY- my car!  You could barely see it anymore, so I washed it.  Then Darling decided she wanted to learn to ride her bike with no training wheel (yep, last summer we were down to 1).  How do you explain how to ride a bike any more than "get on and peddle as fast as you can"...
Anyway, Hope you have a grand St. Paddy's Day!
Go drink a green beer and don't get pinched!!


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My Owl Barn said...

Love all the picks! Those peacock feather earrings are lovely!

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