Wednesday, March 10, 2010

General Awesomeness...

This morning Harry from the Early Show was getting a colonoscopy live... I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better way to start my morning than by watching a man named HARRY get his pooper checked out LIVE on TV!
Darling daughter was so excited about this, it kinda made me uncomfortable.  The bus was coming so I had to record it for her... I am quite sure my subliminal and NON-subliminal messages about becoming a Dr. are working!!
What better way to start an awesome post than sharing the above info?!  and just so you know, his colon is CLEAN!  Go Harry!!
Next up: 
this awesomeness by 

cool hun? I wonder if you have to sew or do you just glue?  I can glue, but sewing is no friend of mine!
❤Queen of Hearts❤
coffee cup sleeves by the awesome TWINKIE CHAN!
the word on the street (or internet) is that these will be available at Red Velvet Art, you know, the super successful business venture by Miss Elsie Flannighan?!
a van that says "blue jeans", nuff said!
these spool dolls by 
❤faux cotton candy❤ 

Crochet birds by attic24
go grab your FREE pattern from this awesome gal!

this idea from ahootandaholler
just cut out hearts and stick to your wall, then pose!  
GENIUS and... awesome!
I think I'm in love with lavender...
My 1st house in GR was done with a LOT of dark purple/plum and I totally purpled-out, but this color...
AWESOME!  Thank you J Crew!
and now let's check out my awesome project listed on
in my new store:
ok, I just checked and my link above doesn't work that is
awesome, but the banner is!
I'll also have these available as a DIY
This banner is available now!!  Go grab it!
have an awesome day!


Brassy Apple said...

thanks for the shout out! Loved being grouped in the general awesomeness category! :) woohoo!

Brassy Apple said...

Oh and yes it requires sewing. :)

Melanie said...

I am all about keeping the pepes informed, but one should try to "keep it in his pants" if at all possible. Just tell the story of your rectal exam!

It is hilarious that your daughter was into it. I'm pretty sure my son would have too. It's good that you can find that a positive in that she may be a doctor. It would just make me think my son liked poop or holes.

I'm your new follower too! And I must say, I love Asian people as long as they aren't mocking me in a different language while taking my money and harassing me. Actually, that goes for any ethnicity. ;-)

{eleise} said...

This post is filled with way too much amazingly cute items! =) I love all the bright spring colors! =)

Angela said...

OK!!! Love love love the Easter banner!!!! Too cute!

Sorry to hear about the lost jacket and the what was it- moles? At least it gives him something to do.

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