Thursday, March 25, 2010

what is your STYLE?

 to those that have voted for my blog over at!
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How sick are you already of the vote begging?
Ok, moving on to where I just beg you to buy me this couch:
I realize it's not for everyone, but I would LOVE this couch!!
I found this through 
It's from squint
I think the closest store that carries their furniture is in NYC... probably not going to happen!
I was saying to the Mister on Saturday (when we were at Home Depot and I was begging for him to buy me the paint for the cabinets so I could get started the moment we got home that night...) that even though I could 
 make our home all pretty and put together, my style just isn't "grown up".  I can appreciate beautiful homes with cherry cabinets and gorgeous matching furniture, but If given my choice I'd rather live in Pee-Wee's Playhouse!  Sad, but true!
I can appreciate good design but I'm always drawn to WHIMSICAL and to me this can be good design if it's done right... Let's just hope I can do it right!!
more from SQUINT
I wouldn't want EVERY piece in my home from here, but a statement piece would be GREAT!
and if I could only have 1 piece it would absolutely be the chandelier!!
I could kick myself for throwing out the ugly brass chandelier I had at my last home... It was ugly and out dated and would have been PERFECT to do a remodel on... I know I should NEVER throw anything away, but it's a matter of space!  How many things have you gotten rid of and then years later known it would have been PERFECT for what you have going on now??...  Last night I was thinking of all the fabulous "vintage" pieces I never gave a 2nd look at that belonged to my 100 year old Great Aunt Mable (everyone should have an Aunt Mable!).  
 I'm going to crochet today and that's it... oh and watch the First 48 Hours and Cold Case Files and maybe the Harry Potter movies I dvr'd... that's it!  I'm not doing anything else and I'm not going to feel 1 bit guilty!  I'm tired today, I clean everyday and even though I do spend a lot of time in my art room, I don't ever just sit without thinking of what I need to be doing next.  I didn't sleep well, maybe I'll rest with my eyes closed too.. and dream of my blog getting a thousand votes and 5,001 followers!
Happy Thursday and again...
Welcome new Followers, so glad to have you aboard!


Angela said...

I have a very childish style too! When we moved into this house, I toned it down a bit and I am bored. I am getting ready to mix things up...just too lazy right now.

Thanks for the cabinet comments. My main problem- I am tired of working on the house. If I could afford to hire somebody to do it for me- I have all kinds of ideas!

Funny in My Mind said...

I have kind of a crazy black and cream sofa that my husband and youngest son hate but I adore it! I love that colorful sofa and the chandelier is to die for. I would love to have it in an office with a hot pink desk.

Anonymous said...

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