Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap, Alice, Alice, Alice!

Saturday I cleaned my whole house so I could get to the art room today.  Monday is usually my "clean like a freak" day!
Saturday night the mister and I went to see 
Alice in Wonderland in 3D!!
I bought the tickets at 4:50 for a 7:05 show,  we went back to the theater at 6:30 and man, am I glad we did!  The movie before us was just letting out and people for the 7:05 were already rushing the door!  Finally a lady came out and said they were cleaning as fast as they could and would we please line up behind the candy machine- so we did, this is not a lady I'd mess with, she's large and IN CHARGE!
I was the 2nd one into the theater 'cause they know who I am!  I was 2nd behind Big-Sweaty Guy!
Big sweaty guy sat in the single seat at the top.  His hair was soaked, he was alone with his bucket of popcorn, but he was wheelin' and dealin' on his cell right up until the start of the movie!  We sat in the top row, everyone crawled across us to get to the other end of the row- why, I don't know, cause there is a staircase on both sides of the theater!
I liked the movie!
3D- no other way to see it in my opinion!!
❤The Red Queen❤ 


and the delicious Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter!
The Mister, who was not thrilled to see this movie, said "it was better than I was expecting", I guess that's a good review coming from him!
We didn't eat theater food- I REALLY try to limit my junk gunk!
We went to a roadhouse place, I ordered a thing called
I have this rule (usually) where I either won't order something with a stupid name or I'll call it what it is.  Years ago when I worked for Kodak and was on the road eating junk-on-the-run (I also ran 18 miles a week so I figured a bit of junk wasn't going to kill me, and guess what?  It didn't!) I use to go thru BK every once in a while for breakfast.  They had (maybe they still do?!) these things called
cinna-mini's (550 calories, 26 grans of fat, 7 grams saturated fat and 9 teaspoons of sugar!).  I refused to order them by that name, I ALWAYS asked for cinnamon rolls!  There was a place where I went to college that had a sandwich called the BIG WALLY.... ummm, NO!  I never had that and even if I would have wanted one, I would have pointed.
So anyway... I did order the porkies and I even called them that- what is the world coming to?
Sunday we got up and went to church.  We go to Mars Hill, our pastor is Rob Bell.  Do you know of him?  Go to youtube and type in Nooma.  He's an awesome teacher and a "Christian" that gets it.  You know, not one of those that has to hate everything he doesn't agree with, one that let's God judge, cause, ummm, that's God's job and not ours!  He's a dude, he got in a giant fish Sunday because we're studying the book of Jonah.
 On our way past Michael's I asked the Mister to pull in to see if they had these cricut cartridges that they had advertised for $14.99!  When we got in the store, Mister said "run, run" and am I glad I did- I got the last one!  2 ladies came in after us asking for them and the lady helping them said "well we have 1 left, but that lady (ME!!!) in line has the ticket for it".  Yeah for me!  She said someone had come in right when they opened and bought every one they had (except the one she left for me!!!)

it was the one i wanted too, how lucky was i?
I asked the lady if they were getting more in, because with a $14.99 price you know it's going to be like The Great Cabbage Patch Doll Riots of '84!!
She said they're discontinuing these cartridges, so that's why they were so cheap.  The Mister said "well I guess that gal that got all the others is going to be listing on ebay today!"
So my tips for Monday are:
1. go see Alice
2. Don't order food with stupid names because it will probably kill you
3. go watch a Nooma
3. when cricut cartridges are $14.99, you're going to have to camp out to get your mitts on one!
Have a fantabulous day!  I'm going to go get cuttin' for


C. said...

I don't usually go in for these animated movies but I am diggin' Alice and I think it's going to be a huge hit in the craft world as well as the "real" world. I say- be the first in, Chinamommy!

Dragonfly said...

I'm going to see Alice this weekend! Yay. Glad you and mister enjoyed!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...


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